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28-Dec-2014 - Think For Yourself

23-Dec-2014 - Kickstarter: VPEx

22-Dec-2014 - Kickstarter: Depth-VR

14-Dec-2014 - Throw-Away Socieity[sic]

07-Dec-2014 - Oh The Outernet

01-Dec-2014 - What? You were offended?

23-Nov-2014 - On the internet becomming[sic] a utility

16-Nov-2014 - My partner... fuck you. That's not your partner.

09-Nov-2014 - I'm Sorry? No, You're Not

03-Nov-2014 - For The Shareholders

27-Oct-2014 - Please? Fuck you!

20-Oct-2014 - Why? Why? Why? Question Everything