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Review: Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

I was rather skeptical that I would enjoy a trackball style mouse at all, but not wanting to limit my experiences (and who doesn't like getting new tech?), I picked up the Logitech M570.


I've been using this trackball for about a month now and I have had no issues with the wireless. Better yet, Logitech claims 18 months of battery life, so you don't have to worry about it going out on you at the worst possible moment. Well, actually you probably still do, but at least it will only happen once a year.

The M570 is surprisingly comfortable to hold, but if you are new to trackballs, like I am, then it may take a few days before you find what grip works best for you.

On the second day of using this device I started noticing some pain in my thumb. I was considering returning it at this point, I don't want a RSI in my thumb, but I decided to switch back to my good ole mouse and wait it out for a bit.

Something new that I hadn't noticed before. Now that I've had a taste of what it was like to not use my wrist to control my pointer, I started to notice quite a bit of discomfort.

I went back to the M570 and still had a bit of pain in my thumb, but instead of switching back to the mouse, I decided to simply take more breaks from the computer until my thumb could get used to using it for longer periods of time.

This worked well for me, but if you experience any pain while using a mouse or anything else, pay attention. You don't want to mess up your hands or wrists.

So yes, Logitec made a good device, surprise surprise right? Well, I believe it's important to talk about trackballs in general, since they are foreign to many people.

Things I've learned since using the trackball:

Thankfully cleaning isn't too terribly difficult.


I just use a pen to press the ball out and then clean off all the little bearings with a finger. When I'm satisfied I just stick the ball back in and remember how amazing it is when its clean.

Would I recommend a trackball? Anyone who has access to a track ball, both thumb and figure style, should try them out. I wouldn't tell a guy he should drop $40 on a new device if he is happy with what he has.

That said, if you find that a standard mouse is uncomfortable or inconvenient, give the M570 a try. There are not a lot of options in the trackball world these days, but for $40... I'm satisfied.

Hmm. Being a review where I let myself use words such as "you" and "I" it feels awkward even bothering with my end of article commentary. Anyway, trackballs are pretty awesome. Try em out if you can, but if you can't, and you are still interested in one, the M570 is pretty awesome.

So what do you think? Do you see a trackball in your future? Discuss below!