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Freewrite: Wut Just Happened? I Suppose I Hate.

*New audio format! Enjoy my horrible voiceover of my own work!

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Well, there I was. All ready to write about something else that irritates me, but then... I didn't feel like it. I suddenly felt it was time for a freewrite, well, perhaps a stream of consciousness, but whatever.

What do I hate? I suppose more things than I should. Why hate anything? How silly is that? I suppose I could begrudge someone... but I don't. I never do. However, I do feel hate towards actions people make.

If someone is recklessly endangering lives, I feel hate. That's about it. Sure, I might be annoyed by someone, but I'll only hate their actions.

I suppose I also hate ideals. My last article, College Is A Horrible Thing I mentioned schools not embracing freedom. That's something I feel a hate for. Hell, it encourages me to try to figure out who to talk to, and perhaps try to make some change in the system.

Of course, my experience is only with one Jr. College. Before I go on a freedom rampage, I should first go to various schools in a particular district and see what the teachers allow, and how the schools handle these requests. School!= free thought and it saddens me. Oh well. On to something else....

Drivers who recklessly endanger lives. I'm willing to believe there are a few people who speed, weaving through traffic that feel they need to, but I fear that most of them simply want to be in front of the pack. Perhaps not even that, maybe they simply want to be home second earlier. I don't know.

I hate socialist movements. I do not agree with the suffering of all in place of the suffering of few. The taxpayer should not be forced into helping people who won't/can't help themselves. Especially when those programs are in desperate need of reform.

How much money is wasted due to stupid bureaucratical bullshit? The only welfare option that makes since is a basic income. Hell, giving everyone free money would probably cost less than just the infrastructure that could be replaced by that. No forum. No contacting 10 different agencies. No 50 different forums for each benefit. No shame. Just the basic income.

Gotta love freewrites, I clearly contradicted my point above by supporting the argument for socialist movements. Well, oh well. My above suggestion is simply a way to fix what we already have, not create new socialist programs.

We can be organ donors. We can choose not to be. Opt in. That's how socialist programs should be run. But what if the program only works if everyone contributes? Well, then the program is wrong. It's the program that's the problem, not the people who want to be in control of their own destiny.

I am a believer in absolute freedom. At least up to the point of harming others. Want to use cocaine? Fine. That's your choice. Who am I to say you can't put that in your body? However, when you are driving on the road strung out, you are risking my freedom. So no, you cannot drive with your mind all fucked up, but if you want to fuck up your mind, who am I?

Well, enough of that ramble. Yay hate! But only in moderation.

So what do you hate? Can you justify this hate? Is any hate justifiable? Clearly I feel it is, but only if it's ideological... apparently.