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I'm Not A.D.D. Enough To Use Twitter

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Someone once wrote, "Nothing interesting has ever been written in 140 characters or less." ~ unknown.

This is the problem with Twitter. What happens when People can't write something worth reading? They write a bunch of shit that's not worth reading.

People tweet whatever is happening in their life at the time. This could be something stupid like "I'm pooping lol! :) ", or it could be, "I just found out Mars One is a scam!". This leads to a lot of poorly written tweets.

Within limitations, it is hard to write well, especially when that limitation is a mere 140 characters. So what happens? Text is cropped to something less intelligent to read or more tweets are just fired out.

People tweet too much.

There are so many other people on Twitter, I gotta tweet more to make sure my message gets out.

This thought is why there is so damned tweets. People feel the need to compete with each other for eyeballs, and the way Twitter works, you have to tweet more.

This goes back to the quote, if people only tweeted once or twice per day and, due to the character limit, linked to their own website where thoughts were actually put together decently, life would be much better. At least for those of us who are not professional ADD enthusiasts.

Let's use @JimSterling for example. He will make a pointless tweet or two a day, but most of his tweets are very to the point of his niche. At this moment, there are 11 tweets (including re-tweets) within the past 24 hours.

Not too bad compared to many, but even if you are interested in only 10 low volume people on Twitter, that's likely at least 111 meandering thoughts you have to filter through if you expect to find anything good.

Imagine there are 50 people in the industry that you follow, some people tweet 50 times a day, who has time for that shit? Hash tags make it a bit easier to follow a semi-resemblance of a real discussion, but it's still a pain.

What's the point of throwing your thoughts into Twitter if there can be no real discussion? What's the point of writing your opinion down into a system that really only has to do with the now? Tomorrow your tweets will be lost and forgotten, and likely never to be read again. What value does a tweet hold?

Most importantly, where is the intelligent discussion? We have this massive Internet, yet discussion has seem to have gone by the way side. The best place for discussion these days seems to be Reddit.

Let's say something crazy happens, NASA tweets "We landed a man on Mars." What will happen? Twitter will probably explode, but sadly discussion will probably only happen as it did when we landed on the moon.

We will call/text friends and family and talk to coworkers. That's about it. The same way we did in 1969, but instead of just the television and newspaper, we will have tweets exploding everywhere, none of them worth while.

So I'm a bit harsh on Twitter, but I just can't do it. I tried following a few people, and I just can't see how it's worth my time filtering out all the bullshit people want to share. Most of the shit people tweet, they probably wouldn't say in a well written article or video. So Twitter is just a cesspool of opinions. Twitter is the new /b/.

So what do you all think about the Twitters? I just don't understand what the value is other than spreading news. Even then, a daily digest of newsworthy events would be much easier and quicker to skim though.