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Freewrite: I Failed Today

So it seems as though I've failed today for my weekly post. Not only did I fail to research things all week when I've had plenty of time, the universe didn't hand anything to me either.

Typically, ideas wander by me in my day to day life; however, I have to notice them to be of any use to me in a post. Yet, as mentioned at the end of my last post, I'm also not really sure what my niche is. I actually like writing about crowd-funding projects and criticizing them a bit, but looking in the tech sections of Indegogo and Kickstarter failed to peak my interest.

So what do I do? Well I have a deadline to follow so the show must go on right? Freewrite! Free-writing tends to be fun anyway. Nevermind the fact that what I'm doing right now is more of a Stream of Consciousness than a traditional freewrite. I suppose this writing does have a dedicated subject, it's still a bit all over the place.

So what do I do next week? Well, I suppose I should really focus on what the hell my niche is. Considering, as I mentioned earlier, I like writing about crowd-funding; perhaps I should focus my efforts there.

While I throughly enjoy reading about psychology, philosophy, and the daily ridiculousness that is the way humans go about their very lives, I don't seem to be very good at researching it. It is a bit hard to research people without actually going out there and doing it. Perhaps in the future I'll start interviewing people as they buy things.

So perhaps from now until I change my mind, I shall write about crowd-funding one way or another. Promoting projects that are interesting is a fun way of using critical thinking.

Why is this project cool? Will they make funding? Are they too ambitious? Will they leave people with more faith in crowd-funding? Or will they destroy it by overspending like DoubleFine has done with one of their campaigns?

I suppose I'll leave you all with that, a bit short for me, but I'm sure only a few have made it this far through my ramble anyway. Ta.

tl;dr today I freewrite about failing this week.

Does anyone here enjoy freewriting? Or perhaps Stream Of Consciousness? If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend it. Hmm. Perhaps I should start freewrite Fridays as well as crowd-funded Sundays... Hmm.