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I suck

Oh, where do I start? I know! By explaining nothing!

Hmm, I know I should write articles, but this whole 12 hour work day with a 45 minute commute each way is about all I can handle aside from sleep so... guess I won't write for those days.

Aw shit, I suppose that means I'm "breaking the chain", but even when there is a good excuse such as, "I worked all day!", the chain is still broken, and the more links that are broken, the harder it is to get back into whatever it was I was trying to do.

Hell, I remember when I was younger (well, this still happens sometimes) I would get ridiculously into a game, take a break for three days or so for whatever reason, and I'd never go back to it.

Well, with this I have a semi-balance of trying so here I am again. I haven't posted anything since the 4th apparently, fuck time goes by fast.

Anyway, five days of work screwing up my balance, whatever. Why didn't I write anything on the 5th? I don't think I worked that day, yet here I am. Nothing since the forth.

What about this whole week? It's Friday. I came home after work Monday morning, with nothing else scheduled for this whole week, yet still I slack.

Oh, I should write! Eh, I'm not really feeling inspired today.

Oh, I should write! But, my friend doesn't work today either, and that's what life is really about right?

Oh, I should write! Nah, I'm feeling pretty lousy today, woke up during REM sleep and I'm screwed for the day.

Oh, I should write! I'm feeling pretty okay today, but I don't have an office and it's a pain to get inspired... Ohh video games!

Oh, I should write! Okay, mehbe, but... I really should go fix the horn today... (success btw, woot!)

Actually, you know what? I'm done with the truck, I'm going to write today anyway! But what should I write about? How about how I suck at this?

Seriously, I should be embarrassed about my utter lack of discipline with this but... Eh, what are you gonna do? At least I can admit it. Hopefully, that will help keep the writing flowing. But then again... I'm probably going to be moving soon and.... The cycle begins again.

I suck!