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Trying To Force Inspiration Sucks

And forgetting it is even worse.

I really need to start writing down ideas the moment I get them in my head. This is ridiculous. Not ten minutes ago I looked down at the floor and immediately had a great idea to write about today, and what did I do about it? Well, I screwed it up.

This is a life lesson I keep seeing time and time again, yet I feel like I do nothing to fix it. I'll have an idea, and instead of writing it down right away, I'll think, "Oh, I need to do this other thing real quick," or, "Oh, that's a great idea, I'm going to get on my computer, go to the directory where I write this crap, copy my last post over to use as a template, crack open my editor (vim), and... Wait, what was it I wanted to write about again?"

I've done this plenty of times with writing, but it's just as easy with anything else. I've had plenty of times where I though, "I want to know about x", and instead of trying to keep my idea in mind, I get distracted in the process involved with getting the idea going, that I forget the idea itself.

But, I suppose it's not all bad. Losing an idea was great inspiration for this very article. Thankfully, I lucked out.

BUT, before I realized I should just write about forgetting my idea, I sat there for a few minutes just trying to force some new idea in my mind. "Should I try to write a small fiction thing?" ... "Nah, that doesn't really fit criticalsarcasm too well" ... "Well, I could always write about something that doesn't fit and just post it somewhere else." Blah blah blah.

Often times I wonder how people do it. This whole writing thing. Especially at some of those content mills or content mill-likes.

Just a couple days ago I saw an add on Craigslist where they wanted a writer to complete 3-4 750+ articles within an 8 hour period for $20 an article. That's just too much pressure for me (especially for the pay), and I feel that, at least in some cases, my work would be rushed. I'd much rather just write at my own pace the day before and have it submitted for when the editors get to work. Huh, that's an idea. How about a website that was designed around that principle. Well, there is a squatter on that name of course, but still, an interesting idea. I guess that's how newspapers worked, news from the day before released today.

But anyway, yea. Keep a pen and paper handy to write down ideas as they come. Do not go on to make the ideas become a reality until they are written down. Seriously, the setup before the writing starts has a huge chance of destroying your idea. Pay attention to the world around yourself for more ideas. And make sure the bloody pen is full of ink.

Okay, that last part was me writing to me, so, ignore it or use it as you will.

Bleh, what a weak post for criticalsarcasm