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Joseph J. Green

Northern Arizona University

Please give three examples of encoded messages that you do automatically, without conscious thought, and three examples of encoded messages that require specific attention.


1 Encoded messages what is it?

Encoding is the active process of putting information into memory—a matter of forming cognitive representations of information QUOTE THIS

Different types of memory:


Stored for a few seconds.

Not encoded. (ipfw) (uic)

Large capacity (power point site)

.2 seconds of visual, 2 seconds of audatory (power point site)

Short Term

15 to 20 seconds without rehersal

Getting memory to STM requires attention

Can old 7 t+- 2 chunks of information

Long Term

2 three encoded messages automatically

Walking around a grocery store and remembering where things are

Remembering where items are around a house doors windows light switches etc

seeing a picture on the wall may not even register in the consious mind, but it may have been transferred to long term memory without any thought. When seeing the picture later, it may be reconized. (UIC)

Things that take no effort and are remembered via experiance

3 three encoded messages specific attention

Studying for a test.

multiplication tables

State capitals



1ST: https://www.ipfw.edu/dotAsset/786eb264-0dbd-41bb-8f23-adcc753b46b9.pdf

power point site http://learning.hccs.edu/faculty/mark.oliver/lectures-for-intro-to-psychology/lecture-for-chapter-seven