Ethics questions – As to the effect of others, guiding principles

  1. Is it right to take the life of a human, if said human is only a drain on society? (defective people)

  2. Is it wrong to steal from one who is healthy, to help one who is poor? (welfare)

  3. Is it right to to invade privacy for the sake of safety?

  4. Is it right for a society to decide what an individual can put inside h{is,er} body?`

  5. Is it right to sentence someone to death? What if there is indisputable evidence?

Morals questions – As to the effect of one’s self

  1. Is anything right or wrong if there are none to witness it?

  2. Is it wrong to not be generous to the needy if I am well off? (charity)

  3. Am I right to slaughter this animal so that I might live?

  4. Is it right to kill that lives in pain because I think it’s the right thing to do?

  5. Is it right to push my views on others because I think them to be the most just? (LGBTQ)

There doesn’t seem to be consensus of what morals and ethics are as separate things. Information from single sources even tend to contradict themselves. Therefore, I’m am using “morals” to mean individual feelings towards a thing (right or wrong), and Ethics as what ought to be done (right or wrong).

The ethical questions seem to follow how one ought to act in society.

The moral questions seems to follow how one feels about right and wrong

They seem to follow each other. What is right and wrong for me. Tends to be right and wrong for the whole.



Morality is an inherent feeling of right and wrong.

Ethics is a feeling of right and wrong in relation to society as a whole. How we ought to act.


Both ethics and morality are tackling similar things.

Ethics, Is doing this thing good for only me? Is it good for others? How does it benefit society?

Morals, how do I feel about these things?

Does it follow that generally what is good for me is good for others? Do unto others?

Personal experience

What is good for me, is good for others. Do not steal.

Stealing raises prices, which harms others

Help people when it is reasonable to do so

Morals and ethics are heavily intertwined

Doing a thing that feels good/right/just Morally, often times is the correct

way to go about things ethically. Not always, especially for people who subscribe to utilitarianism,

but it generally seems to be a good start point. At least for an average person with no handicap.