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Joseph J. Green

Northern Arizona University

Compare and contrast how the concepts of knowledge, power, ethics, morality, and law are handled or illustrated.

comparing and contrasting how they are treated in the two different films you selected. Include Plato's Republic and other lesson materials in your analysis.

Space Oddsey


Characters respond:

Keep it secrete


Characters respond:

Protect the people



Where characters acting in a moral way?


Characters respond:


26:00 Movies starts

30:00 meeting some characters

32:00 Not at liberty to discuss about an epidemic

41:00 movie resumes – DR. Haywood Floyd seems to be our main character

45:00 hiding an event from the public – feigning an epidemic – not very moral

49:00 something burried 4 million years ago; They go check it out and hear a high pitched noise

1:20 Can’t find anything wrong with a unit that HAL said was going to fail in 72 hours. Perhaps HAL was testing out lying. Perhaps HAL wants to kill them all to cover up its error.

Men discuss disconnecting HAL

1:32 guy goes flying out into space, appears to die.

1:32 HAL appears to lie about not knowing what happened

1:40 HAL seems to kill off the stasis doctors

1:54 Dave is disconnecting HAL.

Touch of Evil


Characters respond:


Characters respond:



Where characters acting in a moral way?


Characters respond:


1:21 Man places bomb in a trunk of a car

7:00 Randy linnekar was man targeted?

11:00 – The police captin Hank Quinlan seems to have a bit of power. Also rude.

15:00 questioning people outside of jurisdiction

Earlier, Vargis is attacked with acid

Earlier (needs timestamp) Grandi (Uncle Joe) had Vargas’s wife picked up and spoken to. To tell Vargas to avoid bothering his brother in Mexico City.

30:00 man takes Grandi in with no charge

38:00 Searching a home. The deceasesd’s daughter I presume.

39:00 Captain slaps Sanchez

40:00 Sanchez hit off screen

50:00 The captain seems to have framed Sanchez

57:00 Grandi and the Chief seem to be coming to an agreement

Vargas and the chief are opposite. Vargas strong sense of justice.

1:13 seems like the chief plants lots of evidence

1:xx drugged mrs vargas (possible rape)

1:20 The chief brings uncle joe up to where Vargas’s drugged wife is to kill him.

1:27 Vargas goes nuts

1:34 – the honest cop doesnt get the praise, the unjust one (captain) does – plato!!!

Menzies shoots the captain to protect Vargas

bring in plato’s republic


To suffer and gain from injustice shows that the evil outweighs the good. That it’s better to have neither.

The highest reach of injustice is to be considered just when you are not

To seem just is better than to simply be just. Someone who is just, but seems unjust, must be wretched while the other bountyful.

People are taught to be just not for the sake of justice, but for reputation.

God is good, thus evil comes from elsewhere. As, good can produce no evil.


When people are shown a greater amount of information as compared to a former time, they may believe that the former is more true than the reality.

People who have not seen this greater information, will resist understanding and accepting this information.

bring in other lesson material

Lesson materials

governmen types

Fith amendment – trying to force confessions