Of all the assignments in the list, I have completed exactly none of them. Had I remembered to check the capstone throughout my studies, chances are I would have completed the mastery assignment already along with spreadsheet and presentations. I figure I’ll try to accomplish all these assignments much like I have done the entire PL course.

I’ll get to work on the Concepts of Group Dynamics Master Activity and submit it either tomorrow, or today after this proposal/pretest thing. Friday, Jun 1st, I’ll likely be busy, along with the rest of the weekend. Then on Monday, provided nothing extreme happens, I plan on completing at least one of the intercultural Communication assignments, possibly both of them. Finally, I’ll take care of communication concepts and the final exit exam. I notice that Philosophical Concepts is also in the list of assignments to be completed, but it doesn’t seem to be part of the capstone anymore.

Now I see that I’m only at about 150 words for a 250 word summary. I’m really not sure what else to write about. It’s all quite simple. Spend a day on each lesson, double up a couple of the non-essay ones, and write the final essay which seems to be a critique of the PL experience as a whole. That will certainly be interesting to try to complete. The PL experience has changed quite a bit since I started, and it will be interesting to see what I come up with. One thing I’m sure I’ll write about is the lack of consistency between amount of course work per lesson in relation to the credits the lesson is worth. Overall, I plan on having everything complete by the end of next week.