Pause at least 10 times

notes about various ethical decisions made by various characters

sum up examples of events that exemplify the ethical choices I would makes

sum up examples of events that oppose my ethical choices

Weigh the relative strength of the examples, make an evaluation about the ethical dilemmas and choices of the chars in the killers


The two gunman came in and held up the diner place waiting for the swede to show up.

When the swede doesn’t show up, they decide to leave everyone alive. They could have eliminated all witnesses, but they choose to leave them alive.

1047, Nick Adams who was at the diner works with the swede, he decided to risk himself to expose it to the swede before the gunman came for him


Maid lady intervened when the swede was about to jump out the window. In the name of not going to hell, she risked herself to try to save this crazy man.

Ole Anderson is swede name

“The investigator demands more time to look at the case and gets a day”

Sam is the name of the ex cop


Sam has a tip on some stolen jewelry. Kitty happened to be wearing it and decided to take her in. Ole shows up and takes the fall for the stolen jewelry, punches his friend, and runs off. He was caught the next day.

Sam had to make the choice of whether to take him in, or walk away.


Sam (ex-copper) decides to host the burial for Ole


Charleston told his friend the Swede to not worry about the girl.

The swede had to make the choice to get in on the crime, hoping to win the girl


One of the robbers shoots a security guy in the groin

1h 4m

Swede steps in to object about Kitty being struck

1h 16

Insurance investigator does a setup to try to capture blinky and interrigate him at gunpoint

1h 18

dum dum let’s the investigator live

investigator – James Riordan

1h 24ish

Riordan lies to Kitty, telling her he was sending someone to meet her, when in reality it was him.

1h 31m

Kitty admits to using the swede in order to make a big cut to get out of the crime life

1h 32m

kitties sets up the swede. Telling him that the others are double crossing him and set the whole thing up. Say that they planned to cut him out by not going to the halfway house.

1h 36m

Kitty ditches the investigator to let him get killed while she fled.